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Jef Loeb

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Jef, or should I say "I,” am a Lion-winner, creative thinker, stacker of tall wood, shaker of fine martinis and all-around brand builder for clients and agencies. Following a misspent youth, I've started 2 successful agencies, done heavy lifting for numerous others, worked for clients in the US, Europe and Asia and never, ever, stopped working to improve my book, reel and perspective. Lately, I've discovered a passion for directing the damned things, which has allowed me to provide lovely work for Chevron, PG&E, a hospital association, an ag products company, a resource recovery firm and others. Additionally, I think and write about the advertising business, which is something of a novelty these days, and still get the biggest kick out of understanding the unique nature of a business, a category and the people who are striving to excel in both.