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FINISHIZER creates photorealistic 3D CGI (three dimensional computer generated images) for the purposes of professional print advertising. Our goal in everything we do is always to give possibly the best product and service to art directors, photographers, producers and clients. Our works are static, hi-resolution images, characterized by great eye on detail and equal to professional advertising photography in terms of quality. FINISHIZER works may be final advertising images (full CGI), or can support photography (CGI + photo). We cooperate with globally recognized top agencies and clients both in Poland and abroad.

Besides CGI we deliver full postproduction services of photographic images. We combine photography with CGI and give the final character to advertising images.

Delivering professional 3D CGI service, we help and assist our clients throughout every stage of production. As proffesional producers, photographers and CGI artists, we are ready to make any of your visual ideas alive.

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